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Creatine HCL

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The Power of Creatine




Creatine is a natural substance found primarily in the cells of skeletal muscles. The liver, pancreas and kidneys all contribute to the manufacturing of creatine within the body. The remaining supply comes from food consumption. Fish and red meat are two of the biggest sources of creatine, making it much more difficult for vegetarians to maintain an adequate supply.

Creatine is found in various forms, but the most soluable form for athletic purposes is creatine HCL - creatine bound in hydrochloric acid. This dietary supplement is used to enhance overall performance during high intensity training, increase strength and power output, boost lean muscle mass production and accelerate muscular recovery. Creatine HCL is not a hormonal steroid and has no adverse side effects.

Sports nutrition supplements are designed to fill in the gaps between what the body needs and what it receives from daily nutritional intake. Even the healthiest diet often does not provide what is required to keep the body functioning at optimal levels for peak performance.

The Benefits Include:
  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • Increases cellular volume
  • Boosts work capacity in muscles
  • Heightens storage of creatine within muscles
  • Promotes glycogen synthesis
  • Extends cellular life
  • Protects muscle cells
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